Hi. I’m Shannon.

I’m the writer and content strategist here at Spreadable Words.

I have 12+ years of experience producing sales and marketing materials
for businesses in a variety of industries and sizes.

My diverse background means that I’m conditioned to quickly get up to speed—on your business, target audience and competition—to deliver content that:

  • Attracts your ideal buyer → Because if they don’t read, they won’t buy.
  • Works with your brand → It’ll sound like YOU (or your logo, if your logo could talk).
  • Compels your readers to take action → Like “buy now” or “click here” …

I’ll help you eliminate meaningless fluff (that nobody wants to read!)
and win over YOUR people with words they can relate to.


This is me, Shannon. (Hi.)

Here’s a selfie. When my glamour shots
are ready, I’ll be sure to post ’em.


How did I become such a word nerd? Find everything you need to know about me (and probably more), below.
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I tailor my writing to suit the goals and personality of my client. In singing terms, I’ve got range. My clients have been very conservative, highly technical and extremely relaxed. Let’s talk to see if we’re a fit.

I have a BA in graphic design and an MBA with an emphasis in marketing. Plus, you know, tons of professional experience.

I have an allergy to buzz words and marketing speak. My mission? Rewrite every bland, meaningless paragraph I can find … so I can finally get rid of this awful itch. #TextualHealing #PersuasiveCopyFTW

My mom is a copywriter, so maybe it’s in my blood?

Or this. Once upon a time, I was a graphic designer. It drove me nuts when copy edits came in after I’d finished the layout, so I added a small step to the beginning of my design process: a total rewrite of the copy (written by my boss!).

Luckily, she always liked the results, and it turned out that I like love writing, so I changed careers. #OwnYourProcess

I love revolutionary products that change lives and improve the world. Kindness. Empowering the underdog. Anything related to health and fitness. Natural ingredients. Age-old methods. Cutting-edge technology. Apps that make life easy. Finding joy in the moment. Making memories with people that matter. Liberty and justice for all. Finding ways to do it better. Nailing the details. Critical thinking. Distilling ideas for maximum impact and air-tight messages. Word play. #ThingsThatLightMeUP

I grew up in St. Louis. I’ve also lived in London,
New York, Boston, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale and, currently, I’m in Southwest Florida.

How big is this box? I’ve developed titles, taglines, captions and headlines. I’ve managed entire company blogs and written podcast scripts.

Need a six-panel, printed marketing piece … bro? Sure.

Web copy. Sales letters. Email marketing. Case studies. White papers. Articles. I could go on … #AnythingThatSellsOrTells

Wow, thanks for your interest.

Slowly but surely, the Spreadable Words blog is coming together behind the scenes. It’s not going to be your standard business blog—I’m still perfecting the delicate blend of puns, TMI and useful information.

See that gray stripe up at the top of the page? Put your info in there, and you’ll get a note when it’s live.

One time, I was peddling my bike down Berry Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, when I was struck by a careless taxi.

I flew through the air and landed on my back in the middle of an intersection. Within seconds, loads of people gathered around. An ambulance came. So did a fire truck.

Miraculously, my only injury was a huge cut on my big toe. (The fireman said “You shouldda called a toe truck.” Well played, fireman.)

The next day, I had a job interview in Manhattan. I donned my best black suit, but there was no way my big piggy was ready for heels. So, off I went in my favorite pair of flip-flops—lime green! And I got that job.

I think part of my inspiration for creating Spreadable Words was seeded on that day—the freedom of wearing lime-green flip-flops on the 35th floor while taking care of business? Exhilarating.
#Flip-Flops #CubeFreeLife4Eva

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