Move more product, or start your movement.

Make ’em want you, bad, with copy that works.

Your marketing materials are useless if they bore the pants off people.
Keep ’em awake and reading (and in pants)—and you’re one step closer to action.

… the kind of action that slows their scroll and has them forking over their Paypal password at 2 a.m.

Want more buyers? Subscribers? Raving fans who spread the word?

Then you need copy that speaks as naturally as you do, that sets you apart
and gets your people saying “Hell yes!”

If you’re ready for words that sell, without being salesy, I can help.

I’m Shannon. I have 12+ years of experience writing sales and marketing materials for businesses in a variety of industries and sizes—from heart-centered solopreneurs to software companies.

What do they all have in common? They need words that help them build relationships and make sales.

My diverse background means that I’m conditioned to quickly get up to speed—on your business, target audience and competition—to deliver content that:

  • Attracts your ideal buyer → Because if they don’t read, they won’t buy.
  • Works with your brand → It’ll sound like YOU (or your logo, if your logo could talk).
  • Compels your readers to take action → Like “buy now” or “click here” …

Ready for words that’ll make your people want YOU?  Scroll down.

I love working with Shannon!

Her creative ideas and sunny disposition make even tedious projects bearable. Shannon writes copy that sounds natural and conversational. It engages the consumer and really drives home the message without feeling pushy. She just gets it.

— Cariann Moore, Marketing Manager

She absolutely nailed our brand voice.

When I needed help with email marketing for my health food business, I was lucky to find Shannon. With minimal direction from me, she drafted email copy that absolutely nailed our brand voice. I couldn’t believe that working with a copywriter could be so easy. I will definitely use Shannon’s services for all of my businesses in the future. Check her out.

— Scott Swedberg, Owner, PaleoPax

Concise, educational and often entertaining …

Not only has Shannon been a blessing to work with, she takes challenges in stride and has often exceeded our expectations. Shannon displays a high aptitude for incorporating research and SEO into her work, and she gets right to the point in a concise, educational and often entertaining manner.

Our startup’s needs can be demanding at times, yet she never fails to deliver less than the best: Shannon is determined, witty, and with-it. Her passion for writing shows in her dedication to her craft and her ability to adapt quickly to new projects or styles. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as she brought so much value to our team.

— Sophia Ege, Content Manager, Wonderist Agency

Do what you do best, and leave the writing to me.

I’ll show you how to put your words to work.

Does your copy make you sound like a cheesy used-car salesman?

You’re SO excited to tell the world about your stuff, but it isn’t translating well in print. Let’s set your list of features aside for a minute (snore), and make an emotional connection, first. We’ll have your reader imagining how great life will be when they buy from you. They’ll wonder, “Where have you been all my life?!” as they reach for their wallet. #SellWithoutSleaze #BuildBrandLoyalty

You’re getting more “Bye” than buys.

Maybe you’re trying to say too much. Or perhaps you’re a bit vague. Your visitors aren’t sure what to do (so they bounce). Don’t fret. Focus on what you do best, while I clear the leaves out of your marketing funnel—with gripping headlines, organized content and a clear call to action. Your value will come pouring out, so the sales can come rushing in. #MakeItEasyToBuy

You’ve got a good start, actually. But you’re zapped. Or unsure.

Get some expert perspective and fresh eyes. I’ll go through your draft with my (friendly) red pen to take out the bits that aren’t serving you, add some oomph, and rearrange things for the ultimate word feng shui. When I’m done, it’ll be like your “buy now” button is in your money corner.

Just need some inspiration?

You know what you want.  Kind of.  But you haven’t quite nailed it. Maybe you’re stuck trying to name your new product or website. Or you’ve got tagline troubles. Ugh! I got you. Get out of your own head. Sign up for The Best Brainstorm. We’ll talk-talk-talk it out. #BrainstormWithAPro #MaybeWearGaloshes

You’re a clone of your competition.

Don’t be a copy-cat. Words are a powerful tool to
amplify your uniqueness. We’ll capture the essence of your business and spread it thinly across petri dishes. I’ll examine it under my copy-scope and identify nanoscopic details that we can exploit for content that’s undeniably YOU. (Now
isn’t that better?) #StandOut #DistinguishYourBrand #WhatCompetition

Feel like your SEO S-U-X?

Great news. Well-written content (that’s organized and targeted) is an important part of an optimized website. Put the focus on fresh, relevant content that appeals to intelligent humans, and the Googlebots will like it, too. #UpdateYourBlog #SpeakHuman #KeywordsThatPlayItCool

Your words are good in the ‘hood.

I’m glad you’re content. And consider this—how would it feel to have a waiting list of clients for your dry season (just in case)? The power of copy is that it can pitch your business while you’re busy running it—or off on vacay. #BeAvailable24/7 #StayAhead

Shannon is AMAZING with words!

She helped me with my copywriting to shorten and refine my message (not this lawyer’s specialty!). Her talent, commitment, attention to detail, and reassurance was exactly what I needed and she made me feel so supported. I can feel the love and energy that she put into making my copy really stand out. If you need an absolute word guru or a team member to do the heavy lifting for you, I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough!

— Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach® + Attorney,

Two words: Creative Genius

I spent an hour brainstorming with Shannon and I am just beyond impressed with her suggestions. I needed help presenting a conservative topic in a fun way, and we came up with ideas that I never would have even considered before.

— Tammy Bauer, Profitability Strategist, Because789

Shannon is far more than a copywriter.

I wanted to strengthen the way my authentic voice came through in my copy … and that’s how I met Shannon. She suggested we talk. Talk? I wasn’t sure what a writer could do for me over the phone, but I went for it, and I am so glad that I did!

Shannon is far more than a copywriter—she gave me strategic, actionable suggestions that are so simple, but will make a huge difference to how I position my offerings. I was surprised at how much clarity I gained in just an hour. I will definitely book, again!

— Rebecca Kellogg, CEO,

I’ll be the (spreadable) peanut butter to your jelly, if:

  • You’re passionate about your business and making a difference for your customers.
  • You need an experienced writer who understands sales and marketing (and how to show off your USP).
  • You want a writer who will make your life easy—who never misses a meeting or a deadline.
  • You want a professional who knows how to wrestle a document into fighting shape—I bring an outsider’s perspective and analytical thinking to every project so that the final draft hits all the right notes.

And here are some signs that we won’t gel so well:

  • Your business is illegal/unethical in any way.
Cleverness, creativity and a special touch …

I’ve known Shannon for more than a decade, and her work is consistently excellent. Her ideas are one-of-a-kind, and they’re always perfectly fitting. Cleverness, creativity and a special touch—that’s what you get when you work with her.

— Patricia S.

Shannon truly captures the personality of our clients’ brands …

Shannon writes strong copy that truly captures the personality of our clients’ brands,  every time. It’s great to work with a copywriter who can pick up a complicated niche subject, in no time flat, and who sprinkles in SEO-driven words without compromising the quality of the copy. It’s obvious that she really listens during our kickoff calls because her writing always hits the mark.

— Laura Maly, Co-Founder, Wonderist Agency

I highly recommend her.

Shannon came up with a fun and unique tagline for my pet sitting website that captures my brand completely!
Shannon is fast and easy to work with, and I highly recommend her.

— Sarah Jordan,  Owner,  Asheville Petsitter

Shannon has an extraordinary way with words …

She brings order to chaos. When I’m busy, Shannon’s my go-to for important projects. She has an extraordinary way with words and always manages to pull all of my ideas together in a way that makes sense. No matter what I toss her way, I know it will turn out great. She really takes the time to understand why I need something, and the results are first-class. Hire her.

— Ken Condren, Managing Partner, TenX Holdings

She delivers high-quality results every time.

You won’t find anyone more competent than Shannon. She delivers high-quality results every time. But beyond that, I just like working with her. She’s always got great ideas and she’s a great person. She’ll take care of you.

— Matt G.