The Best Brainstorm

If getting your ideas down on paper makes you crazy, I can help.

Whether you need to flesh out a brand-new concept, or just want a second set of eyes on your final draft, you’re in the right place. My specialty is listening to what you need (and what your business is about) and bending ideas until they fit just right. The result?

It depends on what you want to brainstorm, but here are my strong suits:

  • Copy that perfectly reflects your brand
  • Content your people will love
  • If you’re a subject matter expert who has a hard time distilling your ideas into teachable bites? I’ll show you how! Together, we’ll map out a solid framework for converting your idea into a digital download (workbook, ebook, ecourse, etc.).
  • And, if it applies, I can help you choose or refine your logo, product packaging, website layout (or any other) design—yup, I’m a designer, too. I don’t offer design services but I will suggest DIY tweaks to enhance your message or give you notes to share with a designer.
  • I can even help you map out your service packages and product offerings to streamline how you sell your expertise/products. 

Together, we’ll talk through your idea or challenge and, when we’re done,
you’ll have a clearly defined direction and new ideas that you can implement right away.

And if you’re a fellow creative? Well, this session is a great way to get out of your own head and gain a fresh perspective. Sometimes, two heads really are better than one. #SanityCheck

We’ll meet for an hour over Skype/phone and generate ideas for whatever you like—it’s your hour, so you tell me. What are you stuck on?

  • The perfect product name
  • A tagline that puts your value front and center
  • Engaging, must-read blog post ideas
  • Clickable headlines
  • #CleverHashtags
  • A memorable value proposition for your homepage that lets your visitors know, instantly, that they’re in the right place
  • A compelling angle for telling your brand’s origin story
  • An effective method for guiding clients through your course materials—so that they benefit and you make an impact
  • A name for your first born …

Or I can help you with your existing copy. I’ll show you what to cut and how to add the sizzle that sells. We’ll get through as much as we can in 60 minutes.

Please note, like their counterparts in nature, brainstorms are unpredictable. Sometimes I nail an amazing idea right out of the gate. Other times it takes more finesse. I can’t guarantee we’ll find the perfect words in an hour, but I will deliver solid ideas (ones that I’d use myself, if I were in your shoes).

Prepare yourself—I brainstorm so mightily, sometimes they close airports.
Wear galoshes, if you like.

Two words: Creative Genius

I spent an hour brainstorming with Shannon and I am just beyond impressed with her suggestions. I needed help presenting a conservative topic in a fun way, and we came up with ideas that I never would have even considered before.

— Tammy Bauer, Profitability Strategist

I highly recommend her.

Shannon came up with a fun and unique tagline for my pet sitting website that captures my brand completely!
Shannon is fast and easy to work with, and I highly recommend her.

— Sarah Jordan,  Owner,  Asheville Petsitter

Shannon is far more than a copywriter.

I wanted to strengthen the way my authentic voice came through in my copy … and that’s how I met Shannon. She suggested we talk. Talk? I wasn’t sure what a writer could do for me over the phone, but I went for it, and I am so glad that I did!

Shannon is far more than a copywriter—she gave me strategic, actionable suggestions that are so simple, but will make a huge difference to how I position my offerings. I was surprised at how much clarity I gained in just an hour. I will definitely book, again!

— Rebecca Kellogg, CEO,

60 Minutes for $149

Longer brainstorms are available by request. Same hourly rate applies.

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If you’re not sure The Best Brainstorm is right for you, or if you have any questions, email me at Tell me about your situation, and I’ll give you an idea of what to expect out of our session.

Cleverness, creativity and a special touch …

I’ve known Shannon for more than a decade, and her work is consistently excellent. Her ideas are one-of-a-kind, and they’re always perfectly fitting. Cleverness, creativity and a special touch—that’s what you get when you work with her.

— Patricia S.